Energy Minister and delegates challenged at Nuclear New Build Conference in London


Protesters picketed the entrance of the nuclear new build forum at Whitehall in London this morning. An Andrea Leadsom Look-a-like protestor. accosted delegates rebuking them for their £1,000+ attendance at the forum. Other protestors, dressed in day-glow yellow barrels, reminded delegates and passers by of the intractable problem of nuclear waste.

The Minister was challenged on her arrival and deaparture, and was rushed by aides to her car in order that she could avoid hearing the strong feelings of ordinary working people

Shana Deal said “It’ds shicking that a givernment minister is schmoozing with business-people that want profit from the nuclear-new-build programme, whereas it’s the taxpayers who will have to pick up the tab for dealing with the nuclear waste. This is all the more unacceptable at a time of savage cuts when the government claims that there is not enough money for essential services such as the NHS which is under attack by the current government also.”

Dr Rowland Dye (former Nuclear physicist) said “The Government and the nuclear industry like to mislead people by discussing the volumes of nuclear waste, but the volume isn’t the issue, the radioactivity of the waste is. Most of the British public don’t realise that the wastes from these new generation 4 reactors, is even more deadly than the waste currently produced. So deadly in fact that they willl have to leave it on site for 150 yrs before they can even think about moving it. This is all the more alarming as there is no safe way to dispose of the waste.”[1,2,]

this protest was part of a year long series of groundswell actions for climate justice.[3]


Notes to Editors

1- thihs article is an example of a government energy minister making misleading statements about nuclear waste – i,e that the volume is the issue – nuclear waste isn’t regular waste and therefore it is not the volume that is a concern but the radioactivity.

2- this document is called the poisoned challice and is well researched document by the nuclear consult group explaining the issues around high burn up fuel



Le 15 février 2016

Le 16 février 2016, EDF se réunit à nouveau pour décider de la poursuite du projet de construction de deux réacteurs EPR à la centrale nucléaire d’Hinkley (Somerset, Angleterre).
Un appel à une journée internationale d’action contre EDF le 15 février 2016 est lancé par le groupe antinucléaire local (SWAN – South-West Against Nuclear) afin de faire pression sur EDF pour réclamer l’abandon de ce projet, ainsi que toute ambition nucléaire au Royaume-Uni.
Alors que le fiasco de l’EPR Flamanville se confirme sans que cela n’empêche EDF d’envisager la pose du couvercle non-conforme de la cuve, elle-même non conforme,
Alors qu’aucun des quatre réacteurs EPR en construction n’a été à même (et c’est tant mieux) de fonctionner accumulant tous des retards, que ce soit en Finlande, en France ou en Chine,
Alors qu’EDF entame en France un coûteux et dangereux programme de rafistolage des anciens réacteurs,
Alors que EDF ne pourra finaliser son plan de financement sans une aide supplémentaire de L’État français et donc du contribuable,
Réclamons l’abandon du nucléaire
Affirmons notre solidarité avec celles et ceux qui, outre-Manche, s’opposent au projet insensé d’EDF en occupant agences, bureaux, etc d’EDF


#Occupy EDF15thFeb

The group South-West Against Nuclear (SWAN) are calling for an international day of action and occupation of EDF offices/facilities on Monday15th Febuary to demand that EDF withdraw from the Hinkley C project & give up their nuclear ambitions in the UK. On the following day, February 16th cash-strapped EDF will meet to decide whether to continue with their new nuclear plant at Hinkley C in Somerset or not. It could go either way.

The EDF occupations we are calling for on the 15th of February are part of the Groundswell year of action for climate justice. Justice that we believe is being denied by government collusion with the nuclear industry. Nuclear Power is not needed, clean reliable safe renewable energy is.

The Current Tory Government plans to heavily subsidize new nuclear while slashing support for renewables and denying them grid capacity, which is being reserved for future nuclear plants. The plans for Hinkley C have already skewed energy policy in the UK causing the government to withdraw support for safer cleaner technologies and community-owned energy projects through the electricity reform act.
But EDF still can’t afford to build Hinkley C without more financial support from the French govt, and we know that the EDF board is split over whether to proceed, with EDF unions heavily opposed. A decision by EDF to pull out now would leave a huge hole in the Tory’s energy plan of nuclear and gas. The field would then be wide open again for renewables – the only affordable, safe and democratic energy future we have.

This could be a decisive moment for all of us. By putting visible pressure on French state-owned EDF to drop Hinkley C we can highlight that it is not just people in Britain who are being made to pay, but French tax-payers too. This could tip the balance in France against the Hinkley C white elephant.

Help us by occupying EDF @ their shops, offices or other facilities, on Monday February 15th, Bring slogans in French as well as English, post pictures to social media use the Hashtag #OccupyEDF and spread the word. The red line theme that has been used throughout the COP talks will be a welcome inclusion for anyone that wants to!


EDF workers in France know that this ill-fated project could take EDF down, with the company threatening to raid it’s nuclear decommissioning ‘nest-egg’ in order to finance the Hinkley Deal.
We have a message for the EDF board – Safe Clean Affordable Energy is our number one priority – pull the plug on the doomed HPC project before it bleeds any more billions away, bankrupts EDF, and wrecks the UK’s renewable future.

You can find more information at or on FB OccupyEDF15thFeb

Here are some addresses of EDF facilities:

48-50 High Street Leiston IP16 4EU (sizewell)

West Burton Power Station, Retford DN22 9BL

E D F Energy 19-20 Angel Place Shopping Centre BRIDGWATER TA6 3TQ

E D F Energy 50-52 Cross Keys The Broadway CRAWLEY RH10 1HB

E D F Energy 50-52 Cross Keys The Broadway CRAWLEY RH10 1HB

E D F Energy Nuclear Electric plc Barnett Way Barnwood GLOUCESTER GL4 3RS

E D F Energy 237 Southwark Bridge Road LONDON SE1 6NP

Edf Energy London Eye Riverside Building County Hall Westminster Bridge Road LONDON SE1 7PB

E D F Energy Leisure 135 Footscray Road LONDON SE9 2SY

E D F Energy 90 Whitfield Street LONDON W1T 4EZ

EDF Trading Limited 80 Victoria St SW1E 5JL

E D F Energy 40 Grosvernor Place London, SW1Z 7EN

E D F Energy plc Osprey House Osprey Road Sowton Industrial Estate


E D F Energy 334 Outland Road PLYMOUTH PL3 5TU






New Video! – Manchester March against Austerity

A short fim of footage from the recent march against austerity at the Tory Party (aka nasty party) Conference. Filmed and Produced by Pradeep Indulkar – Many thanks Pradeep!😉

Day 1 round up

After serving us with papers asking us to leave by 17:00 on Monday (which of course we didn’t) EDF came to talk to us yesterday think they realised that on this particular occasion with the #ChineseStateVisit  & all of the talk about China’s human rights records that it might not look too good for them evicting us…. So they agreed we can stay till Thursday unless something changes…like a visit from the Chinese President perhaps?

A Panorama picture of the old nukes the trashed Somerset AONB & the protest camp

A Panorama picture of the old nukes the trashed Somerset AONB & the protest camp



New Video! – #OsbornesNRGfolly Nikki Clark with I TV

Nikki Clark being interviewed by ITV we know they wont have put it all up so we will…

New Video! – #OsbornesNRGfolly Theo

Theo Simon being interviewed by ITV about the #OsbornesNRGfolly occupation no doubt ITV won’t have put the whole interview out but we will!

Day 1

So Day 1 is done, hope the Chinese President is getting our message!

IMG_20151019_055427 IMG_20151019_110947 IMG_20151019_110953 IMG_20151019_111020 IMG_20151019_111042


So a few of us have decided to #ocupy #edf development site to say no to #chinese investment in the #HinkleyC white elephant we want to tell the Chinese president to stick their money  into #renewables – you know it makes sense ..

Check out Live stream feed here: OsbornesNRGfolly

Our message to China

Our message to China

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