New Video! – Oh little town of windscale…

oh little town of windscale…


New Video! – No-Nukes No-Nukes!

No-Nukes No-Nukes (to the tune of the first Noel)

No-Nukes, No-nukes, the angel did say,
to cook your dinner on xmas day.
On xmas day, we will cook our food,
with power from the sunshine
to improve our mood
No-nukes No-nukes, No-nukes No-nukes,
Nuclear power gives us all the pukes!

When we look up we all see a star,
our glorious sunshine gives power from afar,
and to the earth it gives us great light,
and so it continues all day to shine bright,
No-nukes No-nukes, No-nukes, No-nukes,
Nuclear power gives us all the pukes!

And by the light of that same star
are EDFs follies revealed ha ha ha!
To sew a lie was their intent
And to lie to the public wherever they went.
No-nukes No-nukes, No-nukes, No-nukes,
Nuclear power gives us all the pukes!

This star drew nigh to the northwest
EDFs chickens have come home to roost
And there it did both Pause and stay
Right o’er the place where the nuclear waste lay.
No-nukes No-nukes, No-nukes, No-nukes,
Nuclear power gives us all the pukes!

Then entered in some Wise women three
Introducing New Technology
They said “Shove off and make some room
Solar and wind power and tidal lagoon”
No-nukes No-nukes, No-nukes, No-nukes,
Nuclear power gives us all the pukes!

Then let us all with one accord
Bring down EDF and the rest of their board.
Who clear they have made it of the earth they think nought.
And with their blood-stained money our government bought.
No-nukes No-nukes, No-nukes, No-nukes,
Nuclear power gives us all the pukes!

Xmas Barreling with SWAN

EDF promised you’d be cooking your Xmas dinner with electricity from Hinkley C by Xmas 2017. – What a bunch of Turkeys! Nuff said..

We thought we’d roll out the barrels and remind them of their Public Relations exercise fail!

2017-12-16 15.46.03

After singing our celebratory toons outside the galleries shopping centre (we even acquired our very own two coppers to keep us company!) We moved onto EDFs office in Bristol with our very own police escort – aren’t we special? We can’t imagine what other things the police could have been up to in Bristol – but in this time of austerity the state can always find a bit of money to follow us around! – how very reassuring..

It’s interesting how threatened a big company like EDF can feel at a few ordinary folk singing a few songs outside their offices…

We wonder what will happen when the rest of the public catches on about the criminality of these nuclear power and weapons promoting, nuclear disaster whitewashing, safety-critical nuclear part-forging B****rds?


Oh little town of windscale!

20 millisieverts per year

A great exhibition about what is happening to the people of Japan who are being expected by their government to live in areas where they would receive a higher annual dose than most nuclear workers get in a year. Visit the post for more information.

Source: 20 millisieverts per year

Information about malformations of fetus and abortions in Fukushima

Just as the UK government approves Hinkley C for the we don’t know how many-eth time the true costs of nuclear power are being borne by Japan’s unborn….

This video is from April 9, 2016,  6 months ago. Two evacuated women from Fukushima talk about their experiences. One of them gives information about malformations of fetus and abortions. With Engl…

Source: Information about malformations of fetus and abortions in Fukushima

New Video! – Glen Burrows on Unions & Hinkley C

Glen Burrows of the RMT & now Unite Community, outlining the challenges she says are facing the unions over Hinkley C…

Sellafield – Contempt of Parliament – BBC News missed it.

SMELLAFIELD BOSSES LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH… and what are we going to do about it?

Source: Sellafield – Contempt of Parliament – BBC News missed it.

National Day of Action against Nuclear Trains

Day of Action against Nuclear Trains - Temple Meads 019

‘Mobile Chernobyl’


In soldarity with events at train stations around the country,  Southwest Against Nuclear held an awareness raising event at Bristol Temple Meads Train Station. Leaflets were given out about the problems of nuclear waste transport and maps of Britains Nuclear Train routes showing people that this deadly silent cargo isn’t just a problem for communities living near nuclear power stations but for communities everywhere, the highly radiaoctive spent fuel is far more vulnerable during transport than it is inside the containment of the reactors it came from!

Day of Action against Nuclear Trains - Temple Meads 027

Talking to the public about Nuclear waste transport

Interesting conversations were had and many leaflets were given, over-all the response was positive, people had questions about what we think should be done about it, our answer has to begin with the obvious and that is to curtail production of more nuclear material, acknlowedging that we cannot ensure it’s isolation from the environment for the timescales invovled. The best that we can do is to contine to manage, monitor and repackage the so-called ‘legacy’ waste, and pass it forward to the next generation letting them know that we’ve failed to protect them and that this is the best we can do..


Energy Minister and delegates challenged at Nuclear New Build Conference in London


Protesters picketed the entrance of the nuclear new build forum at Whitehall in London this morning. An Andrea Leadsom Look-a-like protestor. accosted delegates rebuking them for their £1,000+ attendance at the forum. Other protestors, dressed in day-glow yellow barrels, reminded delegates and passers by of the intractable problem of nuclear waste.

The Minister was challenged on her arrival and deaparture, and was rushed by aides to her car in order that she could avoid hearing the strong feelings of ordinary working people

Shana Deal said “It’ds shocking that a givernment minister is schmoozing with business-people that want profit from the nuclear-new-build programme, whereas it’s the taxpayers who will have to pick up the tab for dealing with the nuclear waste. This is all the more unacceptable at a time of savage cuts when the government claims that there is not enough money for essential services such as the NHS which is under attack by the current government also.”

Dr Rowland Dye (former Nuclear physicist) said “The Government and the nuclear industry like to mislead people by discussing the volumes of nuclear waste, but the volume isn’t the issue, the radioactivity of the waste is. Most of the British public don’t realise that the wastes from these new generation 4 reactors, is even more deadly than the waste currently produced. So deadly in fact that they willl have to leave it on site for 150 yrs before they can even think about moving it. This is all the more alarming as there is no safe way to dispose of the waste.”[1,2,]

this protest was part of a year long series of groundswell actions for climate justice.[3]


Notes to Editors

1- this article is an example of a government energy minister making misleading statements about nuclear waste – i,e that the volume is the issue – nuclear waste isn’t regular waste and therefore it is not the volume that is a concern but the radioactivity.

2- this document is called the poisoned challice and is well researched document by the nuclear consult group explaining the issues around high burn up fuel



Le 15 février 2016

Le 16 février 2016, EDF se réunit à nouveau pour décider de la poursuite du projet de construction de deux réacteurs EPR à la centrale nucléaire d’Hinkley (Somerset, Angleterre).
Un appel à une journée internationale d’action contre EDF le 15 février 2016 est lancé par le groupe antinucléaire local (SWAN – South-West Against Nuclear) afin de faire pression sur EDF pour réclamer l’abandon de ce projet, ainsi que toute ambition nucléaire au Royaume-Uni.
Alors que le fiasco de l’EPR Flamanville se confirme sans que cela n’empêche EDF d’envisager la pose du couvercle non-conforme de la cuve, elle-même non conforme,
Alors qu’aucun des quatre réacteurs EPR en construction n’a été à même (et c’est tant mieux) de fonctionner accumulant tous des retards, que ce soit en Finlande, en France ou en Chine,
Alors qu’EDF entame en France un coûteux et dangereux programme de rafistolage des anciens réacteurs,
Alors que EDF ne pourra finaliser son plan de financement sans une aide supplémentaire de L’État français et donc du contribuable,
Réclamons l’abandon du nucléaire
Affirmons notre solidarité avec celles et ceux qui, outre-Manche, s’opposent au projet insensé d’EDF en occupant agences, bureaux, etc d’EDF