The Barnstormers

Welcome to the dedicated reclaim Hinkley page.

We are working on getting a paypal button on here so that you can donate to support the Reclaim Hinkley camp, but in the meantime please donate here if you wish to support the camp materially.

A map with the exact location of Langborough Barn is below, together with an OS map that shows the public rights of Way it is very easy to find us!

Please come & visit or stay everyone is welcome!  But note that it is important that guests are mindful that there are bats roosting here –  one of the reasons for our defending this site.

The security are on the whole very nice people but they may try it on with you and tell you that you cant come here! Take no notice they cannot stop you from using public rights of way, if they try to do so, please make a note of what they are saying, try and get a name and then continue with your journey.

We are advising the security guards to contact their unions so that they can be well informed about what are legal or illegal orders from EDF.

Yesterday they began filming people on public rights of way and public highways – we have warned them that this is illegal under section 2 of the 1992 prevention of harrassment  act.

Today Feb 17th we made the national press finally:

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