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Xmas Barreling with SWAN

EDF promised you’d be cooking your Xmas dinner with electricity from Hinkley C by Xmas 2017. – What a bunch of Turkeys! Nuff said..

We thought we’d roll out the barrels and remind them of their Public Relations exercise fail!

2017-12-16 15.46.03

After singing our celebratory toons outside the galleries shopping centre (we even acquired our very own two coppers to keep us company!) We moved onto EDFs office in Bristol with our very own police escort – aren’t we special? We can’t imagine what other things the police could have been up to in Bristol – but in this time of austerity the state can always find a bit of money to follow us around! – how very reassuring..

It’s interesting how threatened a big company like EDF can feel at a few ordinary folk singing a few songs outside their offices…

We wonder what will happen when the rest of the public catches on about the criminality of these nuclear power and weapons promoting, nuclear disaster whitewashing, safety-critical nuclear part-forging B****rds?


Oh little town of windscale!

National Day of Action against Nuclear Trains

Day of Action against Nuclear Trains - Temple Meads 019

‘Mobile Chernobyl’


In soldarity with events at train stations around the country,  Southwest Against Nuclear held an awareness raising event at Bristol Temple Meads Train Station. Leaflets were given out about the problems of nuclear waste transport and maps of Britains Nuclear Train routes showing people that this deadly silent cargo isn’t just a problem for communities living near nuclear power stations but for communities everywhere, the highly radiaoctive spent fuel is far more vulnerable during transport than it is inside the containment of the reactors it came from!

Day of Action against Nuclear Trains - Temple Meads 027

Talking to the public about Nuclear waste transport

Interesting conversations were had and many leaflets were given, over-all the response was positive, people had questions about what we think should be done about it, our answer has to begin with the obvious and that is to curtail production of more nuclear material, acknlowedging that we cannot ensure it’s isolation from the environment for the timescales invovled. The best that we can do is to contine to manage, monitor and repackage the so-called ‘legacy’ waste, and pass it forward to the next generation letting them know that we’ve failed to protect them and that this is the best we can do..


Day 1 round up

After serving us with papers asking us to leave by 17:00 on Monday (which of course we didn’t) EDF came to talk to us yesterday think they realised that on this particular occasion with the #ChineseStateVisit  & all of the talk about China’s human rights records that it might not look too good for them evicting us…. So they agreed we can stay till Thursday unless something changes…like a visit from the Chinese President perhaps?

A Panorama picture of the old nukes the trashed Somerset AONB & the protest camp

A Panorama picture of the old nukes the trashed Somerset AONB & the protest camp




So a few of us have decided to #ocupy #edf development site to say no to #chinese investment in the #HinkleyC white elephant we want to tell the Chinese president to stick their money  into #renewables – you know it makes sense ..

Check out Live stream feed here: OsbornesNRGfolly

Our message to China

Our message to China

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Return to Sender

A group from the South West went to return nuclear waste to Hinkley Point today, in solidarity with the people of Cumbria.S7300035

They verified that there is definite construction work going on at Hinkley Point, as reported by the monthly Witch Watch .


This work, we are told is still under the banner of preliminary works

An awful lot of lorries were going up and down them Somerset lanes this afternoon .

…..What about the legal challenges on the construction of Hinkley C?….and the contract is not signed yet……..

The whole thing is like a cheap obvious farce, there is no law that  this industry abides by.

Both G4S and construction workers are working on contaminated ground with no protection.

The site has been made into a complete mess


Work  stopped for a few hours today, gates were closed and traffic pile ups were seen at gates…. people dressed in nuke waste barrels and Santa Claus costumes, wondered around the site singing :

“Return to sender, address unknown, No new killer, No nuclear zone!”S7300048

Some workers, on seeing the surreal entourage, suddenly dropped tools run behind a bigger fence and disappeared in a hut, replaced by dots of G4s  ….Santa inspected the abandoned field , and asserted, 2 diggers were left abandoned, tools were loosely strewn in the mud, ….. in the distance the destruction work continued ….S7300099

Will they , or won’t they get the investment to build the damned nuke plant… thing is for sure,  over 120 tons  of plutonium are stored at Sellafield  and  we keep making nuclear waste and sending it up to Cumbria like there is no tomorrow…….at this rate there won’t be.


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anti nuke bloc NATO SUMMIT 30Aug -5th Sept

anti nuke bloc NATO SUMMIT 30Aug -5th Sept


On the 4th and 5th of September, thousands of politicians and business men, including 60
world “leaders”responsible for countless deaths in wars of aggression, will descend on Newport , South Wales, for a summit of NATO, with a media circus and police operation to match….

A variety of groups are calling for action against the summit , which is taking place at the Celtic Manor Hotel.

NATO has more than 5000 nuclear weapons.
This figure includes Britain’s Trident system which alone could incinerate some 45 million people. The planned replacement program will cost the tax payer some £100 billion!

NATO’s conventional weapons increasingly use radioactive materials , manipulated in nuclear power stations… these weapons leave a toxic legacy which will affect the environment for generations and have already caused serious birth defects in Iraq, Former Yugoslavia , Afghanistan.

Join us on the

peace camp to be announced keep informed

Chris Busby: The Cause of Congenital Anomaly and Cancer in Iraq

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National day of action against the nuclear industry in Solidarity with Japan

National day of action against the nuclear industry in Solidarity with Japan

London demo for Fukushima anniversary

On 9th March 2013 join us in London, to mark the 2nd anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima disaster, in international solidarity with people in Japan and for a nuclear-free world.
Organised by Japanese Against Nuclear UK, Kick Nuclear and CND.
Meeting at Hyde Park Corner at 12 noon, we will march through London to Parliament where a rally will be held in Palace Yard at 2.30pm
The catastrophe in Japan continues to unfold, with contamination spreading across the country and into the Pacific ocean.
Meanwhile in the UK nuclear new build hangs in the balance as EdF, the only developer still willing to invest, seeks economic subsidies from our government.
Taxpayers are already paying £1.5billion a year to manage the existing radioactive waste legacy ineffectively at Sellafield. And no long term storage solution has been found.
Now is the time to make your feelings heard on our energy future. Do we invest in genuinely clean, sustainable electricity, and reduce our demand by improving efficiency? Or do we let big business drag us further into the toxic morass of nuclear power?
The Government is poised to announce planning permission for the new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in the next few weeks.
Come with us and remind them of the appalling consequences of nuclear technology. We don’t buy their greenwash.

Coaches leave from Bristol, Bridgwater and Glastonbury on Saturday morning. Priced £6/£12 or whatever you can afford. Please get in touch ASAP if you want a seat.



Avaaz petition against Hinkley C in the UK

Avaaz are now starting to pick up on the nuclear issue here is a petition created by the newly SWAN in Avalon group based in and around Glastonbury. Please sign the petition, and add your voice to the call for an end to the ridiculous Hinkley C project.

Hinkley point A & B surrounded by flood water

Hinkley point A & B surrounded by flood water

Just last week the Cumbrian Councils who had been considering volunteering to become a host community for a deep nuclear dump voted 7-3 against it. They were the ONLY community in the UK to have even been serious about coming forward. The handful of other councils that considered it soon dropped the idea once they gave it some thought. This adds further weight to the concerns of many us that the governments plans are nothing more than a fantasy. Whilst doing this ‘fantasising’ is essential in terms of trying to deal with the legacy waste, it as both preposterous and unethical, to try & justify making even more dangerous waste off the back of these fantasys.

No wonder the British public & local authorities are nervous about the governments attitude to the very real dangers posed to us all from this deadly technology. And what a grim fantasy to have to concern ourselves with. Thanks ancestors. We can’t do anything about what you created. But to those of you in power – we can & will stop you.

Anti nuclear flag hoisted with Jolly Roger (Bristol)

Activists hoisted the anti nuclear flag today (sat 29 Sept) next to the Jolly Roger on the Matthew.

Bristolians are waking up, Hinkley Point is only 30 miles from Bristol, no less than one hour downwind. On a sunny day, a baloon released at Hinkley Point arrives at the shores of our city within an hour.

But exactly what are the evacuation plans for this city ? None, let me repeat it, NONE.

Like the people of Fukushima, we will not be evacuated, we will not be told the truth and we will not be compensated by the nuclear industry. We will be forgotten and silenced like the people of Fukushima .

Yet the government’s new build nuclear plan calls for Hinkley Point to house a third nuclear plant containing 2 reactors (Hinkley C) The waste from Hinkley Point is to be stored on site for over a hundred years, too hot to move.

The consultation process is a scam , the planning process has been curtailed to suit the nuclear industry and setting a president for future land grabbing exercises.

To defeat Hinkley C is to assert our solidarity with native people, whose lands and bodies have been poisoned to extract uranium.

To defeat Hinkley C is to expose the genocidal crime of depleted uranium and uranium weapons

To defeat Hinkley C is our chance to expose the nuclear industry as an industry of war masquerading as a civilian industry.


Camp 5-9 October

Bridgwater rally and “die in “ at Hinkley Point 6th October

Transport available from Bristol tickets £5/£10 from Katze’s 55 gloucester rd BS7 info tel 07857854057 Day of Action 8th of October

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