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Think Nuclear Power is the answer to Climate Change?  Get your head out of the sand!


Debunking Nuclear News-speak workshop @ the Lush Summit 2017

Just gotta put a link here for now as the embed code isn’t working!


What in My Backyard?

This is a talk from 2014 where she covers Nuclear Waste Dumping, Erosion of Democracy, Electricity Market reform, de-centralisation, direct democracy and poses the question ‘Not What in My Backyard?’ She doesn’t mince her words – so watch out for expletives!


Fukushima Day 3


This clip is from the London events to mark the anniversary of the triple meltthrough @ #Fukushima

Campaigners from the SouthWest commemorating the 3rd Anniversary of the beginning of the #Fukushima crisis. Dressed as barrels of radioactive waste and with a PA system playing interviews from Fukushima and music we handed out leaflets to the public in Bristol.

Nikki Speaking at the Remember  Fukushima Rally 2014

Remember Fukushima 2013

Most of this is in Taiwanese,  it all looks great though – such massive movements in Asia and South Asia against it, it is really heartening to see. At the end there is some coverage of our protest in London and one of us speaking at the end.

Nikki speaking at the Remember Fukushima Rally

Stop New Nuclear: Hinkley Mass Trespass Protest Speeches 2012


Nikki Clark speaking at the Stop New Nuclear Rally in Bridgwater 2012


Peter Smith retired Hinkley ‘A’ worker dishes the dirt on Nukiller



Theo Simon of Somerset based Protest Folk Band – Seize The Day speaking at the Bridgwater Rally in 2012


Hinkley C Site Occupation – Reclaim Hinkley


The eviction of the barnstormers..


Activist Film of the taking of Langborough Barn at Hinkley Point in Somerset. The frontline for resisting the renaissance


The Eviction of the Barnstormers

Westcountry Walks

Theo and David take a walk around the proposed UK site for a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. EDF have been given permission to do “Preparatory Work” – ie level this landscape – even before they have planning permission to build the new nuclear plant!

Greenpeace Film about Uranium Mining

Greenpeace film about Uranium mining in Niger courtesy of our sociopathic friends Areva designers of the discredited European Pressurised Reactors (EPR’s) that they are currently trying to tout anywhere they can despite a total inability to buid the in time or budget and as remains to be seen safely….

See they promised economic benefits and an end tp poverty here too and after 40 yeras they’ve just created more poverty and pollution on an unprecedented scale.

Solidarity with indigenous communties all over the world that are resisting the attempts of the colonisers to extract their resouces and devestate their communties.

Australian Atomic Confessions

Lambs on the alter of British science

Australian Atomic Confessions is a story about the people of the
land and the servicemen who served their country.
50 years after 12 atomic bomb tests, our nuclear history continues…
Australian Atomic Confessions
Uranium mines, nuclear reactors and a nuclear waste dump. …
How far does it go?
Australian Atomic Confessions, a 50 min. documentary
Kathy Aigner &G.K. Young Music by Bart Willoughby, Frank Yamma and Louis Burdett





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