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Furious greens demand answer from Almunia over state aid examination of Hinkley C

Molly takes Almunia to task!

Molly takes Almunia to task!

Molly Scot-Cato handed a letter today to the European Commissioner Joaquim Almunia holding him to account & asking him some probing quesitnsa bout the apparent EU you-turn on state aid. Molly is furious that the DG competition commission are willing to break their own rules on state aid.

Molly is calling on us to write to Almunia to tell him what we think of the commission backslide amd to ask him to think again…

Meanwhile a range of people in Europe from Academics to renewables officials have threated legal action against the commission for hurrying their examination of the Hinkley deal.

There is nothing democratic about Nuclear!

Trident Nuclear Weapons Base Blockaded in Post Referendum Protest

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This morning, four days after the historic referendum Trident Ploughshares [1] and Faslane Peace Camp [2] have partially blocked the north gate to Faslane Naval Base, homeport of the UK Trident nuclear weapons system, sending a strong message that the overwhelming desire of Scotland to be rid of nuclear weapons must be honoured.


Five activists have locked on to each other while displaying banners that read Scrap Trident and Scotland YES Trident NO. Traffic waiting to enter the base is backing up causing gridlock at the roundabout close to the gate.The action followed a hundred strong protest at the base on Saturday after the referendum delivering the message: YES or NO Trident Has Got to Go.


Brian Quail, a member of SCANA and Trident Ploughshares and one of the blockaders said “We campaigned for a YES vote because an independent Scotland would have thrown out nuclear weapons. But the result of the referendum does not mean that we have to accept the continuing UK policy of relying on these weapons of indiscriminate slaughter.  On the contrary we know that the vast majority of Scots, including those who voted No, reject Westminster ‘s plans to replace Trident, as do a simple majority of people UK wide. And just as the independence referendum has opened up a national debate on constitutional issues it also calls into question the replacement of Trident, a decision that will take place in early 2016, following the next general election.”


Janet Fenton from Trident Ploughshares and Scottish WILPF said “We must now channel the energy of the YES campaign and the clear rejection by 1.6million people of Westminster politics as usual into policy changes. If the parties continue to disregard the will of the people for disarmament of these horrific, useless and expensive weapons there is bound to be a resurgence of vigorous opposition to them, including renewed nonviolent action like ours today. We are here today to send a strong message that we will not rest until we see the end of Trident and the abolition of nuclear weapons.”

The blockaders are Jane Tallents (07778276833), Brian Larkin, Mary Millington, Jean Oliver and Brian Quail.




Contact: Leonna O’Neill   07596902461

Contact for Photos: Douglas David Shaw: 07713 918940

Notes to Editors


[1] Trident Ploughshares campaigns for the disarmament of the UKs nuclear weapons. For further information


[2] Faslane Peace Camp has maintained a continuous protest against Trident nuclear weapons outside the Faslane Naval Base since 1982. For further information see:

Rethink Trident…


With just two days to go until the Scottish Referendum Please sign & share this statement about Trident to assist in putting pressure on the government to fulfil it’s international obligations…