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Xmas Barreling with SWAN

EDF promised you’d be cooking your Xmas dinner with electricity from Hinkley C by Xmas 2017. – What a bunch of Turkeys! Nuff said..

We thought we’d roll out the barrels and remind them of their Public Relations exercise fail!

2017-12-16 15.46.03

After singing our celebratory toons outside the galleries shopping centre (we even acquired our very own two coppers to keep us company!) We moved onto EDFs office in Bristol with our very own police escort – aren’t we special? We can’t imagine what other things the police could have been up to in Bristol – but in this time of austerity the state can always find a bit of money to follow us around! – how very reassuring..

It’s interesting how threatened a big company like EDF can feel at a few ordinary folk singing a few songs outside their offices…

We wonder what will happen when the rest of the public catches on about the criminality of these nuclear power and weapons promoting, nuclear disaster whitewashing, safety-critical nuclear part-forging B****rds?


Oh little town of windscale!

National Day of Action against Nuclear Trains

Day of Action against Nuclear Trains - Temple Meads 019

‘Mobile Chernobyl’


In soldarity with events at train stations around the country,  Southwest Against Nuclear held an awareness raising event at Bristol Temple Meads Train Station. Leaflets were given out about the problems of nuclear waste transport and maps of Britains Nuclear Train routes showing people that this deadly silent cargo isn’t just a problem for communities living near nuclear power stations but for communities everywhere, the highly radiaoctive spent fuel is far more vulnerable during transport than it is inside the containment of the reactors it came from!

Day of Action against Nuclear Trains - Temple Meads 027

Talking to the public about Nuclear waste transport

Interesting conversations were had and many leaflets were given, over-all the response was positive, people had questions about what we think should be done about it, our answer has to begin with the obvious and that is to curtail production of more nuclear material, acknlowedging that we cannot ensure it’s isolation from the environment for the timescales invovled. The best that we can do is to contine to manage, monitor and repackage the so-called ‘legacy’ waste, and pass it forward to the next generation letting them know that we’ve failed to protect them and that this is the best we can do..


Day 1 round up

After serving us with papers asking us to leave by 17:00 on Monday (which of course we didn’t) EDF came to talk to us yesterday think they realised that on this particular occasion with the #ChineseStateVisit  & all of the talk about China’s human rights records that it might not look too good for them evicting us…. So they agreed we can stay till Thursday unless something changes…like a visit from the Chinese President perhaps?

A Panorama picture of the old nukes the trashed Somerset AONB & the protest camp

A Panorama picture of the old nukes the trashed Somerset AONB & the protest camp




So a few of us have decided to #ocupy #edf development site to say no to #chinese investment in the #HinkleyC white elephant we want to tell the Chinese president to stick their money  into #renewables – you know it makes sense ..

Check out Live stream feed here: OsbornesNRGfolly

Our message to China

Our message to China

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On August 6th and 9th 1945, the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The suffering and horror caused by these explosions should have brought an end to this terrible experiment. Instead, 68 years on, the earth is increasingly threatened by stockpiles of nuclear warheads, a renaissance of the civil/military nuclear programme, and the unbridled use of uranium as a component of US and UK weapon systems.
The UK Government is currently planning to replace its Trident warheads and submarine bases. This will cost the taxpayer around £100 billion, money many believe would be better spent on housing, health or education.

Join us at the ARC Bar on 6th August for an evening of talks, film clips and discussion on security in the nuclear age, with topics ranging from the impact of Trident on the economy and climate change to radioactive warfare in countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.


27 Broad Street

Bristol BS1 2HG

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Blank cheques to EDF?

“Barclays, which forecasts stagnant earnings per share growth and negative free cash flow for EDF, doubts the French state will approve the above-inflation price increases the company needs for nuclear power plant upgrades.”

But more importantly than that, even IF the government agrees to a secrecy clause and blank cheques from British taxpayers to the french government via EDF they still won’t start building on time because

“Even if EDF finds a new partner, it will have no interest in starting the project early, as its cash flow is needed in France”

National day of action against the nuclear industry in Solidarity with Japan

National day of action against the nuclear industry in Solidarity with Japan

Corruption of Governance or corruption in government?

This week has seen the publication of a report damning evidence presented to government minsiters on which they have based their whole energy policy – particularly the nuclear part.

Given that the Ethical Consumer Magazine was writing articles in 2006 warning us that the Nuclear Industry were employing the Public Relations Spin Doctors deployed by none other than their dirty pals the tobacco industry. Is anyone really suprised when it turns out that the the minsiters were being specifically fed cherry-picked data that gave a false representation of the evidence for their decisions.

More to the point the authors of the report were, in our opinion, too leniant in their analysis that they felt there was no problem with the integrity of Ministers.

What is being revealed here is a far wider problem with a far too cosy relationship and blurring of the boundaries (if there ever were any!) between government and industry.

There is  revolving door policy between government and industry that is proving to be highly undemocratic, and detrimental to our so-called representative democracy. It’s clear that structurally our government represent the interests  of industry and certainly not the voters, no wonder voter turn out is so low.  As if it wasn’t bad enough that most of Parliament has been on the fiddle with their expenses for long enough it has all recently emerged thanks to diligient Freedom of Information requests carried out by the single Green MP Caroline Lucas, that there are numerous energy sector staff  ’embedded’ within the  government’s  Department for Energy and Climate change 

Ex-MP  John Hatton whose constituency was Barrow in Furness, the home of trident subamarine and other nuclear submarine construction was  unabashedly lobbying fellow MPs on the nuclear issue during the period in which the previous government were deliberating the so-called evidence. Hatton is a pusher of ‘mini-nuke’ reactor technology believing we should have them in urban areas and also as battery packs for wind farms! He was a large part of pushing the nuclear agenda within parliament during his time as an M.P.

Michael Meacher ex environment minister under the previous government has recently posed the question Is DECC run by the energy companies?   We’d like an answer to this question too.

When you put all this together it all amounts to corruption in government as well as corruption in governance.  The question remains now, just who were the Ministers and Civil Servants doing all of this string pulling behind the scenes? who exactly is responsible for cherry-picking and manipulating the modelling process and outputs in order to have policy-based evidence rather than evidence based policy? We want answers and we want them now.

Hatton walked straight out of government and after the obligatory 12 months straight into employment with Hyperion nuclear submarine reactor manufacturers, after turning down work for EdF of course.

After our protest at Hinkley point was ended by tree climbing bailiffs, Tessa Munt local Lib Dem MP called for parliament to re-open the debate on nuclear

Our guys braved sub-zero temperatures for over 48 hours to occupy the threatened ancient Oak Trees which will be killed by EDF in the coming weeks, despite the fact that it is increasingly unlikely that they’ll ever get to build another reactor anywhere.

Get on your MP’s case now and make them work for you  demand some democraacy and ask for the debate on nuclear to be re-opened. Or failing  that get down to Hinkley for a little direct  democracy…