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Crisis of civilisation Collapse scenarios and radioactive sites and wastes

There are numerous explorations of future scenarios which, whilst obviously no single one is likely to be the exact future we experience, (the variables are just to great and therir interrelatedness to complex for us to really be able to adequately model them), they do at least make for sobering reading given the implications of the various climatic variables explored.

Many of the medium to high emissions scenarios show political, economic and environmental discontiuites happening, see for yourself have a look at ECOLABS for example or an extreme scenario put together by the americans  An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security these are just a couple there are plenty more out there, it is interesting how the threat of nuclear war breaking out seems to be frequently discussed in these scenarios but there is complete silence when it comes to the issue of what will happen to the sites that are currently home to high and intermediate level waste, over 700 sites globally, including the dirty disgusting Sellafield. Cultural blindspot or what?  I mean, we know that it’s hard to think about, Fukushima has proven that with the complete global media blackout on the on-going crisis there, and that is just one of the 700 sites containing dangerously radioactive material.

Right now the only dialogue worth having about nuclear is what we’re going to do with the waste? How many Joules of energy of the remaining fossil fuels will it take to package in Dry casks all of the high level and intermediate level waste already generated by humans? How long will that packaging last? What will happen if it is all just abanadoned in situ? (this is currently the most likely scenario given the refusal to talk adequately about the very soon to happen  expiry of fossil fuels due to exponential global population growth).

If you think this scenario is a bit out there in terms of possibility of happening think again, the late Dr David Fleming raised questions on this issue some years ago, still nothing is being done to adress them…

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