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No taxpayer Bailouts for New Nukes!

This so-called austerity we’re experiencing is because of the bailouts handed to the banks – now we’re being asked to bail out the nuclear industry in order that they can build more crap that no-one can get rid of and we’re being asked to give the bailout in advance!!!! Are these people for real?

The reason that the costs of nuclear new build are spiralling out of control   is because the nuclear catastrophe in Japan is still anything but under control. The Spent Fuel pool in reactor 4 with over a thousand fuel assemblies, is threatening to collapse (it includes the reactor core that was placed in the pool while the reactor underwent maintenance)

not again!

The mainstream media just arent talking about Fukushima but they should be.

I just cannot fathom that we were ever considering this route or that people bought the BS sold to them by the govt & nuke industry that we need nuclear – we need nuclear like we need a collective hole in the head.

Who is going to bail out or sons and daughters, and they’re great grandchildren and theirs after when there are no more fossil fuels left with which to manage the toxic radioactive waste legacy?

Who is going to continue to build new covers for Chernobyl a hundred years from now in a 1,000 years from now? Who is going to invent the technology that doesnt exist yet to get the spent fuel out of the pools before the next big quake hits?

If pool #4 goes, the common pool which houses over 6,000 spent fuel rods becomes unmaageable as does the whole site which altogether contains 11,000 spent fuel rods?

When you’re in a hole stop digging.

To quote Walter Youngquist:

“Regardless of the popularity of optimism over realism, the wisest route for humanity would be that plans and decisions be based on today’s scientific and technological realities and reasonably visible resources, rather than on hopes for things which may never arrive. Optimism is vital in looking toward the future. One must be optimistic as a basis for making an effort. But optimism should be tempered with facts. The media and government leaders should try to learn the facts, and then have the courage to state them. Campaigns for public of office should not lead the citizenry into false hopes. As civilization proceeds, it will be much more convenient and less disruptive to be pleasantly surprised along the way than unpleasantly surprised. Myths must be replaced by reality on which intelligent decisions are made.”

And Aldous Huxley “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored”

What is happening in Japan right now is humanities worst nightmare – the fact that it is not even being talked about in our media and the rest of society is completely obscene. It is time to wake up & start basing our energy policy on the facts on the ground on not on the financial and political agendas of those with political and economic power. It is time to wake up & start dealing with what is happening in Fukushima in full awareness of the global consequences of what is unfolding there.