Evacuate Fukushima now!


What YOU can do…

Latest from Fukushima

Commemorating the beginning of the crisis Remember Fukushima 2013


The Japanese government and TEPCO have collaborated from the start to manage the fallout ( unfortuneately we’re talking political fallout not radioactive fallout).

From the start they have constantly underestimated, under-reported levels of radioactivity. They have also increased the legal doses and waged a campaign of disinformation, tens of thousands of children and women are still in areas that should have been evacuated back in March 2011 when the catastrophe began.

Many of the children remaining in Fuksuhima are already experiencing the effects of acute exposure and health effects such as nosebleeds  sore throats, diarrohea.

To make matters worse TEPCO are now claiming cold shutdown in a cold & calcualted PR bluff to fool those who wish to be fooled that “there’s nothing to look at here folks”…

What YOU can do…

Please help spread the word  to help EVACUATE FUKUSHIMA!

Please sign the petition and share it on your networks here: petition

Latest from Fukushima

The Young People of Japan have found their voice

The young people are starting to speak out and they are p****ed off! So glad to see this band Human Error sharing their analysis of what is happening in Japan after Fukushima. Solidarity to the next generation of Japanese people it is down to them to stop this foolish behaviour in their country just as it’s up to us to stop them here in the UK.

You can’t stop an idea whose time has come.



– People of the UK  start visiting your MP and demanding that the UK government take part in  a nuclear summit. The reactor  #4 spent fuel pool at Fukushima Daiichi is on the edge quite literally – the seismic rating of the building is zero and the building that the Japanese are talking about contsructing over the number 4 reactor would take a year and still not provide containment for the pool

“The plant is still in a precarious state,” said Kazuhiko Kudo, a professor of nuclear engineering at Kyushu University in southwestern Japan. “Unfortunately, all we can do is to keep pumping water inside the reactors,” he said, “and hope we don’t have another big earthquake.”


The corporate media must stop ignoring this now and start reporting it now the black-out has gone on long enough.

There is 85 times the radioactive inventory at this site than there was at Chernobyl – (if that’s not an underestimate)

Apparently Chernobyl is leaking again too but that’s another story…

The risk of another huge earthquake even closer to the stricken nuclear plant has been increased it is imperative that we act now http://www.egu.eu/home/fukushima-at-increased-earthquake-risk.html

latest from Fukushima Doctors and other experts speak out


There is now a dedicated website to save the children of Japan which can be accessed here. http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2013/01/xiv-urgent-appeal-to-united-nations.html

There is also a website that features very powerful images created by the children of Fukuhsima here: http://strongchildrenjapan.blogspot.co.uk/

Commemorating the beginning of the crisis –  Remember Fukushima 2013

There will be a series of commemorative events in London this year to mark the beginning of the on-going Fukushima crisis called “Remember Fukushima” the title alludes to the lack of media coverage that is essential if this global crisis is to have any hope of being brought under control.

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