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Today the government Ditched Democracy to Dump Nuclear Waste


Today was a dark day for democracy as an outrageously small number of MPs (just 33) fought to protect our democratic rights. As the Ayes only numbered 217 ( out of our 650 MPs) The other half of parliament either abstained or were disallowed from voting because of their pecuniary interests in this industry, WTF!!!

This piece of legislation that gained assent today violates our treaty obligations under Aarhus – the right to particpate in environmental decision-making – the NSIP process disallows legitimately held environmental concerns about Nuclear processes & wastes on the basis that our government has waved its magic wand and enusred that there is “no risk” and that it is “100% safe” And that the “independent” ONR will protect us – the reality is that the ONR only exist to protect the interests of the industry they claim to regulate!

Any GDF built by member states under the current political conditions and current technical state of knowledge will ensure because of their hubris, that the facility will violate our (present) human right to a clean & safe environment & food, as well as the rights of future generations to the same thing. These are our “inalienable” human rights – yet there we are being alienated from our rights…

We will publish the list of how MPs voted tomorrow. If your MP was one of the Ayes then please make sure & let them no that they will pay the price at the ballot box. Please see if you can raise awareness in your constituency about how your MP voted on this issue. And stay in touch with us about it.

Check out the No Geo Nuke Dumping community page on Facemuck oops sorry we meant Facebook.

Here is what Radiation Free Lakeland had to say about today’s decision.

Today the government Ditched Democracy to Dump Nuclear Waste.

NEA wants a nuclear future (but isn’t likely to see one)

A salient article from Michael Marriotte of NIRS & Jan Haveerkamp of Greenpeace International


NEA wants a nuclear future (but isn’t likely to see one).