Resist the Renaissance!

The UK Government wants to build new nuclear reactors in the UK, it has identified 8 sites around the UK as potentially suitable. Our technocratic political elites have done their (flawed) calculations on just how much health detriment they think is ok to impose on us in our communities.

The government know full well that they will never get anything like the number they want (8) – they admitted at a DECC consultation in Bristol last year that they may only get one or two and that was before the catastrophe in Japan that has sparked are renewed global outrage at this outrageous killer technology.

As our government takes overtly fascist steps to supress dissent and avoid accountability it has introduced policies regarding national infrastructure that they are claiming they cannot be questioned on. We reserve our right to dissent and to have it knowand made a matter of public record the  exact nature of our dissent – namely our disapproval of nuclear power.

Since Fukushima the government have ordered a safety review the so-called  Weightman Review (where they predetermined that everything was ok ‘no need to worry it couldnt happen here’ – this was the result of their interim report just 12 weeks after the crisis at Fukushima began the final report was in within 6 months despite the crisis still being out of control.

All of the governments national polciy statements are completely flawed. The government have failed to conduct any proper rigourous assessments at all of future energy needs and have based the policy is little more than business as usual scenario that benefits all of the corporate energy utilities that profit out of energy solutions  that cost the planet.

The cold hard truth is that the technologies exist for us to totally transform our energy infrastrucutre and to become 100% renewable very quickly if we just had the political will. Unfortunately the fossil & nuke  lobbyists don’t want us to make that switch & are doing everything they can to ‘buy time for their industries’


We don’t believe that there is any such thing as a techno-fix, or that for one minute switching to industrial scale renewables is a complete solution to all of societies ills but it’s an important intermediary step to ‘buy us some time’ to put the things that we’re getting so very wrong – right!

There are many legitimate critiques of capitalism, industrialisation even civilisation itself that all have some very salient points to make and that are all worthy, indeed essential discussion.

So if you’re ready to start talking about the elephant in the room, and to do something about it, then please join us and Resist the Renaissance!

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