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Heysham’s Graphite Core Clapped Out? No Probs..Just Change the Rules!

Great piece Marianne … what will it take for people to grasp the enormity of what is going on we wonder?

Heysham 1 ? Heysham 1 ?

Last week the Station Manager of Heysham 1 Ian Stewart, had a Podium piece in the Westmorland Gazette.  The piece was the usual puffed up nonsense we have come to expect of the nuclear industry extolling the “low carbon” credentials and “safety” of the industry and Heysham 1 in particular.   Far from being low carbon, nuclear entrenches fossil fuel dependence.   Independent scientist  Dr Ian Fairlie has pointed out in this weeks Ecologist:

“The most thorough UK examination of nuclear’s potential carbon savings was by the former Sustainable Development Commission in 2006. It concluded  “Nuclear power is not the answer to tackling climate change … “. Surprise: one of the first things the Tory-led coalition Government did when it assumed power in 2010 was to abolish the Sustainable Development Commission”.

Ian Stewart the Heysham Manager is absolutely right when he says that “Low carbon energy is vital…

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