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Japan Realises it doesn’t need nuclear!

Well what can we say? Except that this only confirms what we already knew – namely that we dont need nuclear to keep the lights on! Further proof if any were needed that our governments policy is more about keeping reactors on than lights on!


You can read the full article here

solidarity with PAWB (People against Wylfa b)

Hundreds support Caerdegog protest

No to Wylfa B , No to Hinkley C. We traveled to Anglesy through the most beautiful scenery (Snowdonia National Park) and arrived at Llangefni to to join hundreds   protesting against Wylfa B. It was heart warming and inspiring to see such a strong local presence against the proposed new nuclear build. The atmosphere was  peaceful, determined and crossed the generations. A red dragon and a marching band  the Cambrian Band/Celtic League. meandered us through the streets. Speeches were made in Welsh and English. Nikki Clark of SWAN and Stop Hinkley spoke of solidarity with  communities affected  by Uranium mining, Uranium weapons and Uranium power making connections on the local global level. She encouraged people to object to Hinkley C new nuclear build and invited people to join us at Hinkley Point on the 10-11 March 2012

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