TEPCO nomination for public eye awards

Public Eye Awards

This year TEPCO was nominated for the public eye awards, but it seems missed the top spot by a couple of hundred votes, being pipped to the post by VALE who are trashing the Amazon rainforests by constructing a dam and dispossessing indigenous communities, drowning the forests in another act of corporate landgrabbing.

Tepco came in a close second for having grossly  neglected safety at the plant in a bid to cut safety costs – and this in one of the richest  and most technologically advanced economies in the world.

Areva French state owned reactor designers and builders, whose designs the UK government want to build here scooped the public eye award 2008

This was for their dodgy practice with their Uranium mining in Niger in Africa, where company owned hospitals were making false diagnoses of HIV on mine-workers affected by cancer as a result of their exposure to radioactive Radon from the mine.

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