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Americas Nuclear Regulatory Commission has suspended the issuing of any and all licenses for new reactors in the U.S.A. finally because there is NO CONFIDENCE that the radioactive waste can be stored safely into the future. Duh! 


That’s what some of us have been saying for most of the last seventy years of this technology’s existence. It’s what the flowers report found here in the 1970’s when the report recommended to the UK Government that there should be a moratorium on new build until the issue of radioactive waste was properly resolved, because it is immoral to leave a toxic legacy that nobody can deal with to future generations. Nothing in the nuclear waste story has changed except for the fact that we’ve collectively allowed this militarist industry to continue to pollute our only planet.


Join us to Reclaim Hinkley Point and say ‘Stop new Nuclear’ here in the UK, see you on the 8th October!