Blank cheques to EDF?

“Barclays, which forecasts stagnant earnings per share growth and negative free cash flow for EDF, doubts the French state will approve the above-inflation price increases the company needs for nuclear power plant upgrades.”

But more importantly than that, even IF the government agrees to a secrecy clause and blank cheques from British taxpayers to the french government via EDF they still won’t start building on time because

“Even if EDF finds a new partner, it will have no interest in starting the project early, as its cash flow is needed in France”

Avaaz petition against Hinkley C in the UK

Avaaz are now starting to pick up on the nuclear issue here is a petition created by the newly SWAN in Avalon group based in and around Glastonbury. Please sign the petition, and add your voice to the call for an end to the ridiculous Hinkley C project.

Hinkley point A & B surrounded by flood water

Hinkley point A & B surrounded by flood water

Just last week the Cumbrian Councils who had been considering volunteering to become a host community for a deep nuclear dump voted 7-3 against it. They were the ONLY community in the UK to have even been serious about coming forward. The handful of other councils that considered it soon dropped the idea once they gave it some thought. This adds further weight to the concerns of many us that the governments plans are nothing more than a fantasy. Whilst doing this ‘fantasising’ is essential in terms of trying to deal with the legacy waste, it as both preposterous and unethical, to try & justify making even more dangerous waste off the back of these fantasys.

No wonder the British public & local authorities are nervous about the governments attitude to the very real dangers posed to us all from this deadly technology. And what a grim fantasy to have to concern ourselves with. Thanks ancestors. We can’t do anything about what you created. But to those of you in power – we can & will stop you.