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So a few of us have decided to #ocupy #edf development site to say no to #chinese investment in the #HinkleyC white elephant we want to tell the Chinese president to stick their money  into #renewables – you know it makes sense ..

Check out Live stream feed here: OsbornesNRGfolly

Our message to China

Our message to China

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Who are they trying to fool?

HPB_block_5 HPB_block_3 HPB_block_2 HPB_block_1HPB_block_4
Campaigners from South-west Against Nuclear, Nuclear Free Bristol & Bristol CND have today shutdown the EDF shutdown at Hinkley Point B in Somerset “We have come here today to carry out a citizen’s shutdown. It is inconceivable that Anglo-French governments think they can get away with extending the life of reactors well past their designed life-time, we have chosen April fools day for our shutdown to highlight the fact that this is no joking matter”
At this moment Hinkley’s reactor 4 is closed for work to extend it’s lifetime – thousands of workers have been brought in at a cost of £40 million to electricity consumers. Green Party M.E.P Molly Scott Cato says “The estimated costs for prolonging the life of ageing nuclear power stations are almost certainly under estimates and will escalate, particularly against a backdrop of falling renewable energy costs. We need to ramp up renewable energy capacity as quickly as possible, not throw more money at keeping these ageing dinosaurs going. To do so will leave an even bigger legacy problem with mounting nuclear waste disposal costs well beyond the next 35 years. In reality we should actually extend the waste disposal costs for the next 1,000+ years to account for the true life costs!”[1]
Said Nuclear Free Bristol campaigner Jane Baker “This is throwing good money after bad on a worn out and dangerous reactor well past its retirement date. Plant Lifetime Extensions are a fool’s game. We say the safest thing is to shut it down.” All UK reactors are ageing and engineers know that machines have the highest risk of failure at the beginning and end of their lifetime [2]
Last year EDF who operate the gas cooled nuclear reactors in the UK moved the safety limits for loss of graphite in the core.” Dorian Lucas, a nuclear specialist at energy consultancy, Inenco, said “Britain has no choice but to gamble with extending the safety limits of the country’s ageing fleet of nuclear power plants to avoid the looming spectre of 1970s-style blackouts” [3] This is despite having been warned back in 2006 by independent Expert John Large of John Large & Assoicates that extending the life of Hinkley B would be “Gambling with Public safety” [4] Professor Steve Thomas of Greenwich University qestioned the Office for Nuclear Regulation’s moving of the safety goal-posts [5]
Concerned citizen Pandora Swan of Southwest Against Nuclear asked “Since when is an uninterrupted electricity supply become more important than public safety? Besides Hinkley B is shutdown now & the lights are still on, a quick transition to energy efficiency and 100% renewables are what is needed for a supply of electricity that doesn’t compromise on public safety”
On February 13th 2015, in Belgium the Nuclear Industry regulators found thousands of cracks in critical components at two of their reactors. Two leading material scientists said that the pervasive and unexpected cracking could be related to corrosion from normal operation, with potential implications for reactors worldwide. [6]
Just in case you think we’re overstating the case – nuclear workers at plants across Sweden Belgium & France have raised concerns about privatisation of the industry & an apparent shift from zero-risk to calculated risks which they feel are unacceptable in the nuclear industry. [7] Many doing dangerous work in the industry are sub-contractors and so have no path of recourse when their health & safety is compromised by EDF.[8] Workers at EDF’s Chinon plant in France were pressured by management not to report defects when inspecting reactors on their outages.[9] These concerns ultimately resulted in EDF workers going on hunger-strike on the ninth day the local community joined them & blockaded the plant for three days. This was claimed to be a consequence of the privatisation of the industry in France. With Areva going bust & EDFs finances looking very shaky, what pressure are EDF putting on their workers at Hinkley during this outage?

Says Rowland Dye of Bristol CND “In the U.S utilities are shutting down plants despite them having received permission to extend their lives”[10] Nuclear accidents are irreversible and uninsurable, causing devastation for generations and, to land air and sea. On average there is a major nuclear accident every 10 or 20 years, Not the rare event the industry likes to claim but that’s ok because the industry are hard at work trying to persuade us that Nuclear accidents such as Chernobyl & Fukushima have no lasting consequences.”

The risks of nuclear power are not necessary when we can produce electricity sustainably. Nuclear power provides less than 15% of the UK’s electricity, and is easily replaceable by renewables.

For Live Interviews Rowland Dye 07711214168
Notes to Editors
[1] – contact Molly Scott Cato’s media office at media@mollymep.org.uk
[2] – Website dedicated to reliabbility engineering http://www.weibull.com/hotwire/issue21/hottopics21.htm
[3] – Utility Week 28th May 2014 http://www.utilityweek.co.uk/news/eti-seeks-small-scale-nuclear-reactor-proposals/1013232
[4] – John Large quoted in the Nu-clear News http://www.no2nuclearpower.org.uk/nuclearnews/NuClearNewsNo63.pdf
[5] – Professor Steve Thomas quoted in the Guardian http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/jun/04/uk-may-need-to-gamble-with-nuclear-safety-to-avoid-blackouts
[6] – Greenpeace International http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/news/Blogs/nuclear-reaction/cracks-in-belgian-nuclear-reactors/blog/52139/
[7] – Nothing to Report A Documentary made in France but with English voice over & subtitles pt2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qh7kmfi-l7s
[8] – Nothing to Report A Documentary made in France but with English voice over & subtitles pt3

[9] – Nothing to Report A Documentary made in France but with English voice over & subtitles pt4

[10] – Nothing to Report A Documentary made in France but with English voice over & subtitles pt6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3PGv5QTO-k
[11] – NWISE Nuclear Monitor http://www.wiseinternational.org/node/4050

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Return to Sender

A group from the South West went to return nuclear waste to Hinkley Point today, in solidarity with the people of Cumbria.S7300035

They verified that there is definite construction work going on at Hinkley Point, as reported by the monthly Witch Watch .


This work, we are told is still under the banner of preliminary works

An awful lot of lorries were going up and down them Somerset lanes this afternoon .

…..What about the legal challenges on the construction of Hinkley C?….and the contract is not signed yet……..

The whole thing is like a cheap obvious farce, there is no law that  this industry abides by.

Both G4S and construction workers are working on contaminated ground with no protection.

The site has been made into a complete mess


Work  stopped for a few hours today, gates were closed and traffic pile ups were seen at gates…. people dressed in nuke waste barrels and Santa Claus costumes, wondered around the site singing :

“Return to sender, address unknown, No new killer, No nuclear zone!”S7300048

Some workers, on seeing the surreal entourage, suddenly dropped tools run behind a bigger fence and disappeared in a hut, replaced by dots of G4s  ….Santa inspected the abandoned field , and asserted, 2 diggers were left abandoned, tools were loosely strewn in the mud, ….. in the distance the destruction work continued ….S7300099

Will they , or won’t they get the investment to build the damned nuke plant…..one thing is for sure,  over 120 tons  of plutonium are stored at Sellafield  and  we keep making nuclear waste and sending it up to Cumbria like there is no tomorrow…….at this rate there won’t be.


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No more EDF Bulls**t!

For immediate release:

EDF “nuclear bullshit” protest

People protesting about public subsidies for a new Hinkley Point nuclear power station today dumped a pile of animal manure at an EDF shop in Bridgwater in Somerset. A banner was hung above the shop which read “No More Bullsxxt – EDF take our £££ and dump waste on us!”

The protest action, by South West Against Nuclear (SWAN), came on the day that David Cameron and Ed Davey announced a deal with EDF and Chinese Nuclear which would fix the price paid by UK consumers for new nuclear electricity – at double the current rate.

A man in a cow costume addressed shoppers as passers-by emptied shopping bags of manure onto a plastic sheet, blocking the entrance. A placard written in Chinese was stuck into the pile. Protestors cleaned the floor around the pile and then removed the manure pile for organic recycling.

Police later confiscated the manure and placed it in their van, saying that they believed it might be used to commit criminal damage.

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Nuclear compensation deal “a paltry bribe”


17 July 2013


A £128 million deal to “compensate” Somerset for hosting the proposed new Hinkley C power station is “a drop in the ocean” according to local campaigners.

Stop Hinkley spokesperson Theo Simon said, “This deal, which breaks down to only £3 million a year going to local councils for the next 40 years, is no compensation at all. If EDF get their way in the current price negotiations with the government, we will all be paying a massive extra nuclear tariff on our electricity bills over the same period, and our taxes will be underwriting the whole project by literally billions.

“No one can criticise our councillors for squeezing more money out of central government, but the amounts need to be put in the wider context. Somerset County council has seen budget cuts of £20 million this year under the Tories “austerity” programme and this is hitting the vulnerable and low paid across the whole of the county. 3 million is really not very much in the overall budget – the County’s capital investment programme alone is £38 million for 2013/2014.”

“The truth is, this is another example of the kind of paltry social bribes we are being offered to make the nuclear project more palatable. Even then, I see that much of the money will be spent on creating EDF’s future workforce through nuclear training programmes. At the end of the day, EDF will walk away with billions in profits and our descendants in Somerset will be left to pick up the bill for managing the toxic waste they leave behind. ”

“There are now clear indications from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority that West Somerset is being earmarked for a ‘second Sellafield’, and the government hope that so-called ‘compensation’ announcements like this will soften local resistance. But what possible compensation could there be for a nuclear accident which would destroy our rural economy, or a toxic waste legacy lasting for many thousands of years. No amount of money can compensate for a broken environment or broken lives – and £3 million a year doesn’t even come close.”

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Dawn Blockade shuts Hinkley Point for 5 hours, 4 arrested


Dawn blockade leaves nuclear workers locked out

At 6am this morning 10 protestors blockaded access to EDF energy’s nuclear sites at Hinkley Point, preventing the morning shift from starting work. 4 people in arm locks formed a barrier across the main access road at Wick Moor Drove in a bid to prevent further ground clearance work at the planned Hinkley C site and to protest at EDF’s plan to extend the life of aging reactors at the Hinkley B station.

Sitting beneath a banner saying “Nuclear Power – not worth the risk” Bristol tree-surgeon Zoe Smith said, “We want the destruction of land at the proposed Hinkley C site to stop. EDF still don’t have planning permission for the new nuclear plant, the governments energy policy is in tatters. With Centrica pulling out and the long awaited Electricity Reform Act delayed, there is not even enough investment to finish the project. If the tories fix the electricity price for nuclear so that the project can go ahead it will leave a radioactive waste

dump here for hundreds of years.” The early morning blockade caused long tailbacks for scores of workers contracted in to perform maintenance work on the the existing reactors at Hinkley B, EDF have signalled their intention to re-licence the reactor again in 2016.


Bridgwater mum Nikki Clark from South West Against Nuclear said, “Not only do we not need new nuclear, we certainly don’t need to extend the life of the existing reactors even further. Just this year alone reactor no 4 in the B station has scrammed at least three times. EDF like to call these emergency shutdowns ‘unplanned outages’ but this deliberately conceals the fact that these ageing

reactors are now in a dangerous condition. In 2008 the regulators threatened British Energy with closure of the site. The reactors do not have any fewer cracks in the graphite core now than they did then. Do we have to have our own Fukushima here in Somerset before we abandon this insanity and embrace a renewables revolution in the UK?”


Stop Hinkley spokesperson Theo Simon said, “We support this protest. New nuclear is dead in the water. We need public investment in a renewables revolution which could create a million climate jobs and cut energy bills through a programme of home insulation and energy-efficiency. With it’s massive marine energy resource, West Somerset is perfectly placed to lead the way in renewables, but EDF’s plans would turn it into a toxic waste dump for our grandchildren.”ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage 

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Anti nuclear flag hoisted with Jolly Roger (Bristol)

Activists hoisted the anti nuclear flag today (sat 29 Sept) next to the Jolly Roger on the Matthew.

Bristolians are waking up, Hinkley Point is only 30 miles from Bristol, no less than one hour downwind. On a sunny day, a baloon released at Hinkley Point arrives at the shores of our city within an hour.

But exactly what are the evacuation plans for this city ? None, let me repeat it, NONE.

Like the people of Fukushima, we will not be evacuated, we will not be told the truth and we will not be compensated by the nuclear industry. We will be forgotten and silenced like the people of Fukushima .

Yet the government’s new build nuclear plan calls for Hinkley Point to house a third nuclear plant containing 2 reactors (Hinkley C) The waste from Hinkley Point is to be stored on site for over a hundred years, too hot to move.

The consultation process is a scam , the planning process has been curtailed to suit the nuclear industry and setting a president for future land grabbing exercises.

To defeat Hinkley C is to assert our solidarity with native people, whose lands and bodies have been poisoned to extract uranium.

To defeat Hinkley C is to expose the genocidal crime of depleted uranium and uranium weapons

To defeat Hinkley C is our chance to expose the nuclear industry as an industry of war masquerading as a civilian industry.


Camp 5-9 October

Bridgwater rally and “die in “ at Hinkley Point 6th October

Transport available from Bristol tickets £5/£10 from Katze’s 55 gloucester rd BS7 info tel 07857854057 Day of Action 8th of October


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Commonly known as Dom on on why we should stop new nuclear

commonly known as Dom talking about why you should get involved in the Stop New Nuclear campaign and why he’ll be at Hinkley in October…

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