Energy Minister and delegates challenged at Nuclear New Build Conference in London


Protesters picketed the entrance of the nuclear new build forum at Whitehall in London this morning. An Andrea Leadsom Look-a-like protestor. accosted delegates rebuking them for their £1,000+ attendance at the forum. Other protestors, dressed in day-glow yellow barrels, reminded delegates and passers by of the intractable problem of nuclear waste.

The Minister was challenged on her arrival and deaparture, and was rushed by aides to her car in order that she could avoid hearing the strong feelings of ordinary working people

Shana Deal said “It’ds shocking that a givernment minister is schmoozing with business-people that want profit from the nuclear-new-build programme, whereas it’s the taxpayers who will have to pick up the tab for dealing with the nuclear waste. This is all the more unacceptable at a time of savage cuts when the government claims that there is not enough money for essential services such as the NHS which is under attack by the current government also.”

Dr Rowland Dye (former Nuclear physicist) said “The Government and the nuclear industry like to mislead people by discussing the volumes of nuclear waste, but the volume isn’t the issue, the radioactivity of the waste is. Most of the British public don’t realise that the wastes from these new generation 4 reactors, is even more deadly than the waste currently produced. So deadly in fact that they willl have to leave it on site for 150 yrs before they can even think about moving it. This is all the more alarming as there is no safe way to dispose of the waste.”[1,2,]

this protest was part of a year long series of groundswell actions for climate justice.[3]


Notes to Editors

1- this article is an example of a government energy minister making misleading statements about nuclear waste – i,e that the volume is the issue – nuclear waste isn’t regular waste and therefore it is not the volume that is a concern but the radioactivity.

2- this document is called the poisoned challice and is well researched document by the nuclear consult group explaining the issues around high burn up fuel


4 thoughts on “Energy Minister and delegates challenged at Nuclear New Build Conference in London

  1. Even EDF employees who own stock in EDF think that Hinkley is a bad idea. A group representing some of them accuses the French State of abusing them by taking the risk of investing in Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station. They want to be bought out.

    From Reuters: “UPDATE 2-EDF staff investors demands France buys out minorities in nuclear dispute Posted:Tue, 19 Apr 2016 13:56:53 -0400
* EAS fears Hinkley Point will crimp future dividends (Adds detail on dividend, EDF no comment)”

    EDF is 84.49% French State owned, 1.8% employee owned, .09% self controlled, and 13.62% InstitutionalÉlectricité_de_France (According to Reuters the employee ownership is now 1.66%)

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