No Nukes really is good news

Has Hinkley Point C finally collapsed under the weight of it’s own bullshit?


2 thoughts on “No Nukes really is good news

  1. Anti Nuclear PROTEST EVERY Monday 6pm Townhall Bristol and Westminster London
    “STOP Hinkley C + STOP Trident”

    250th Anti Nuclear Protest against Nuclear Weapon Company EdF France
    1) Breisach, Baden, Germany
    2) Müllheim, Baden, Germany
    3) Strassbourg, France for all infos.

    PS: so far 60000 signatures have been collected in Germany for “STOP Hinkley” Petition.

    contact anti nuclear groups in France, Nederlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Sweden etc, so they start collecting signatures against Hinkley Point C.

    Feel free to file a criminal investigation at the UK and French Police against
    EdF France – they are running ALL 20 French Nuclear Plants in the Rhone Valley with fraudulent Earthquake Data:
    – Centrale Nucléaire EdF Fessenheim
    – Centrale Nucléaire EdF Bugey
    – Centrale Nucléaire Craus + St Alban
    – Uranium Enrichment Factory Pierrelatte Tricastin
    – Centrale Nucléaire Marcoule + Cadarache + Tricastin ALL in the Rhone Valley on the tectonic fault lines.

    EdF Electricitée de France also “forgot about the Earthquake from 1822…

    Anti Nuclear Protest
    House of Commons Westminster Whitehall
    Bristol Townhall
    Bath Townhall
    Exeter Townhall
    STOP Hinkley B+C
    STOP Trident

    EVERY !!!! Monday 6pm exactly like Monday 6pm protest against EdF Fessenheim
    in Breisach (Baden), Müllheim (Baden), Strassbourg EVERY Monday 6pm

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