Furious greens demand answer from Almunia over state aid examination of Hinkley C

Molly takes Almunia to task!

Molly takes Almunia to task!

Molly Scot-Cato handed a letter today to the European Commissioner Joaquim Almunia holding him to account & asking him some probing quesitnsa bout the apparent EU you-turn on state aid. Molly is furious that the DG competition commission are willing to break their own rules on state aid.


Molly is calling on us to write to Almunia to tell him what we think of the commission backslide amd to ask him to think again…


Meanwhile a range of people in Europe from Academics to renewables officials have threated legal action against the commission for hurrying their examination of the Hinkley deal.


There is nothing democratic about Nuclear!


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