Workers locked out of Hinkley Point

Campaigners from Southwest Against Nuclear successfully blockaded Hinkley Point Nuclear power station. The group kept the station shut down for over four hours as cutting crews were eventually called and struggled to remove the campaigners from the tubes that connected them across the road.

please see the press release on our latest news page for details of why the action was carried out.

The action was very successful, with a peaceful atmosphere, a number of workers were turned away home happily with pay and went off home for a long weekend, whilst still others claimed that they wouldnt be paid at all. We explained to them our reasons for being there and that it was to cause maximum disruption to EDF and discussed with them the concerns that people have about the ethics (or lack of them) of working in an nuclear power station. Some of the workers were even ignorant of the fact that EDF have not yet obtained permission to build Hinkley C yet believing the reverse to be true!

Cutting crews used guerneys to wheel the protestors to one side of the road before cutting them free as they knew it was going to take them a while to free the people and they were keen to clear the road, having watched how long it took them to load the guerneys compared with how long it took them to cut them out we felt the police inadvertantly assisted by adding to the time we were there, it would have been quicker for them if they’d just done the cutting in situ!


The people were arrested and later charged with obstruction of the highway and bailed to appear at Taunton Magistrates court on Dec 19th.

Photos of the action can be viewed here



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