The Weekend so far…..

Well its sunday and the barn in a bog camp is going well, this might be the only post we get to put up as not sure how much battery left! The camp set up was a bit mad b ut Saturday went very smoothly, it was very weird without Crispin there and we havent had a moment to really register the loss that his passing is we’re all stll in shock…But the protest on Saturday was amazing roman centurions barrowing barrells of radioactive waste ready to guard it into eternity….the speeches were all amazing, moving, inspiring as well as informative and educational.

The die-in at Hinkley was great fun too with a excorsim of EDF from the land.

driving the evil EDF from Hinkley

The camp infrastructure is all up and trainings are going on now as we type. People have been arriving steadily at the camp and more coming tomorrow so things are gearing up. For today at least we can operate a shuttle service to the camp so if you’re thinking of coming then please do. Make sure you bring warm dry clothes wellies are very desirable (some would say essential) but if you dont have any then good stout boots and maybe carrier bags. The weather has been fine yesterday and today but not sure what it will do tonight and in the morning..

We’re looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for the trespass. let’s show these people that we the people will not have this stuff imposed on us any more..

The new Green party leader Natalie bennett will be joining us tomorrow for the tresspass see you there…



One thought on “The Weekend so far…..

  1. Karen Stutz says:

    Good luck with the trespass tomorrow peeps!

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