Anti nuclear flag hoisted with Jolly Roger (Bristol)

Activists hoisted the anti nuclear flag today (sat 29 Sept) next to the Jolly Roger on the Matthew.

Bristolians are waking up, Hinkley Point is only 30 miles from Bristol, no less than one hour downwind. On a sunny day, a baloon released at Hinkley Point arrives at the shores of our city within an hour.

But exactly what are the evacuation plans for this city ? None, let me repeat it, NONE.

Like the people of Fukushima, we will not be evacuated, we will not be told the truth and we will not be compensated by the nuclear industry. We will be forgotten and silenced like the people of Fukushima .

Yet the government’s new build nuclear plan calls for Hinkley Point to house a third nuclear plant containing 2 reactors (Hinkley C) The waste from Hinkley Point is to be stored on site for over a hundred years, too hot to move.

The consultation process is a scam , the planning process has been curtailed to suit the nuclear industry and setting a president for future land grabbing exercises.

To defeat Hinkley C is to assert our solidarity with native people, whose lands and bodies have been poisoned to extract uranium.

To defeat Hinkley C is to expose the genocidal crime of depleted uranium and uranium weapons

To defeat Hinkley C is our chance to expose the nuclear industry as an industry of war masquerading as a civilian industry.


Camp 5-9 October

Bridgwater rally and “die in “ at Hinkley Point 6th October

Transport available from Bristol tickets £5/£10 from Katze’s 55 gloucester rd BS7 info tel 07857854057 Day of Action 8th of October

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