National Planning Dictatorship

From the 1st of April the Infrastructure Planning Commission will become the National Planning Dictatorship. The SWAN’s had their first taste of the new fascist regime this wednesday as they attended the preliminary meeting with the panel of so-called examiners. Andrew Phillipson the ‘lead’ gestapo, err we mean ‘examiner’ took great pleasure in the behaving badly towards members of the public being rude, sarcastic and where possible turning off the microphones when they were saying things he didnt want to hear, the whole thing  smacked  of a farcical process designed to beguile the public who aren’t so engaged with the issue to think that there is some kind of process for public engagment when the fact of the matter is there isn’t.


Phillipson made it perfectly clear that all of the real issues of concern such as nuclear safety, waste storage, flooding, transport of nuclear materials weren’t going to be dealt with here despite us explaining why they are planning matters and not just matters for the regulators. After taking him on several times about why such issues are planning matters he eventually turned our reps microphone off and refused to let her speak again, despite the fact that she was raising issues that she’d been legally briefed to raise.


They say that they are going to be putting the audio transcript of the meeting up on their website within a week of the meeting, we would strongly recommend people have  a listen when it comes up then they can hear for themselves how disgusting a meeting it was. Welcome to the Great British Dictatorship Quadaffi and Hussein ‘ain’t got nothin on Cameron and his cronies…


We’ll post a link to the transcript when it comes up, for now here are some piccys of the day




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