Corruption of Governance or corruption in government?

This week has seen the publication of a report damning evidence presented to government minsiters on which they have based their whole energy policy – particularly the nuclear part.

Given that the Ethical Consumer Magazine was writing articles in 2006 warning us that the Nuclear Industry were employing the Public Relations Spin Doctors deployed by none other than their dirty pals the tobacco industry. Is anyone really suprised when it turns out that the the minsiters were being specifically fed cherry-picked data that gave a false representation of the evidence for their decisions.

More to the point the authors of the report were, in our opinion, too leniant in their analysis that they felt there was no problem with the integrity of Ministers.

What is being revealed here is a far wider problem with a far too cosy relationship and blurring of the boundaries (if there ever were any!) between government and industry.

There is  revolving door policy between government and industry that is proving to be highly undemocratic, and detrimental to our so-called representative democracy. It’s clear that structurally our government represent the interests  of industry and certainly not the voters, no wonder voter turn out is so low.  As if it wasn’t bad enough that most of Parliament has been on the fiddle with their expenses for long enough it has all recently emerged thanks to diligient Freedom of Information requests carried out by the single Green MP Caroline Lucas, that there are numerous energy sector staff  ’embedded’ within the  government’s  Department for Energy and Climate change 

Ex-MP  John Hatton whose constituency was Barrow in Furness, the home of trident subamarine and other nuclear submarine construction was  unabashedly lobbying fellow MPs on the nuclear issue during the period in which the previous government were deliberating the so-called evidence. Hatton is a pusher of ‘mini-nuke’ reactor technology believing we should have them in urban areas and also as battery packs for wind farms! He was a large part of pushing the nuclear agenda within parliament during his time as an M.P.

Michael Meacher ex environment minister under the previous government has recently posed the question Is DECC run by the energy companies?   We’d like an answer to this question too.

When you put all this together it all amounts to corruption in government as well as corruption in governance.  The question remains now, just who were the Ministers and Civil Servants doing all of this string pulling behind the scenes? who exactly is responsible for cherry-picking and manipulating the modelling process and outputs in order to have policy-based evidence rather than evidence based policy? We want answers and we want them now.

Hatton walked straight out of government and after the obligatory 12 months straight into employment with Hyperion nuclear submarine reactor manufacturers, after turning down work for EdF of course.

After our protest at Hinkley point was ended by tree climbing bailiffs, Tessa Munt local Lib Dem MP called for parliament to re-open the debate on nuclear

Our guys braved sub-zero temperatures for over 48 hours to occupy the threatened ancient Oak Trees which will be killed by EDF in the coming weeks, despite the fact that it is increasingly unlikely that they’ll ever get to build another reactor anywhere.

Get on your MP’s case now and make them work for you  demand some democraacy and ask for the debate on nuclear to be re-opened. Or failing  that get down to Hinkley for a little direct  democracy…

2 thoughts on “Corruption of Governance or corruption in government?

  1. sixupman says:

    In the late 1990s I raised two matters: major financial irregularity at Sellafield, acknowledged but put down to exignecy (!!!); and had published an analysis in 2002 papers which indicated that BNFL was bankrupt – requiring HMG to issue a £3.5Bn Promissory Note in order to regularise the BNFL Balance Sheet,

    BNFL had been posting imaginary profits and HMG taking dividends from the same, virtually from the time of BNFL incorporation.

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