Return to Sender

A group from the South West went to return nuclear waste to Hinkley Point today, in solidarity with the people of Cumbria.S7300035

They verified that there is definite construction work going on at Hinkley Point, as reported by the monthly Witch Watch .


This work, we are told is still under the banner of preliminary works

An awful lot of lorries were going up and down them Somerset lanes this afternoon .

…..What about the legal challenges on the construction of Hinkley C?….and the contract is not signed yet……..

The whole thing is like a cheap obvious farce, there is no law that  this industry abides by.

Both G4S and construction workers are working on contaminated ground with no protection.

The site has been made into a complete mess


Work  stopped for a few hours today, gates were closed and traffic pile ups were seen at gates…. people dressed in nuke waste barrels and Santa Claus costumes, wondered around the site singing :

“Return to sender, address unknown, No new killer, No nuclear zone!”S7300048

Some workers, on seeing the surreal entourage, suddenly dropped tools run behind a bigger fence and disappeared in a hut, replaced by dots of G4s  ….Santa inspected the abandoned field , and asserted, 2 diggers were left abandoned, tools were loosely strewn in the mud, ….. in the distance the destruction work continued ….S7300099

Will they , or won’t they get the investment to build the damned nuke plant… thing is for sure,  over 120 tons  of plutonium are stored at Sellafield  and  we keep making nuclear waste and sending it up to Cumbria like there is no tomorrow…….at this rate there won’t be.


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Construction work has restarted at Hinkley Point

hinkley construction traffic 2hinkley construction traffic 1

Main construction work on the UK’s first nuclear power plant in a generation could begin as early as December. EDF also have a delegation in China negotiating contracts for the manufacture of pressure vessel and other key components.
Some of the largest diggers in Europe have been moved onto the Hinkley Point proposed C site and contractors have been told to prepare to start on site in December. Firms appointed to various roles on the mega-project include Laing O’Rourke, Bouygues, Costain, Kier, Bam Nuttall and Dean & Dyball, a subsidiary of Balfour Beatty

However rumour is that EDF and the Chinese investors are falling out and Areva (the other state funded French nuclear firm) is collapsing…….

Dates for your diary

Saturday 22nd November
Nuclear Waste Train Action at Bridgewater Railway Station, 10.30–13.00. Contact: Jo Smoldon 01278 459099 or
Monday 24th November –
‘Beating the Bomb’, at the Truth Out Cinema, 18.00-20.00 at the Arts House Café, 108A Stokes Croft, BS1 3RU. Free entry but donations appreciated.
‘Beating the Bomb’ charts ‘The Bomb’ from 1941 to present day; juxtaposing the political backdrop against the growth of the peace movement and framing the nuclear weapons issue within the wider context of global justice.
There will be a Q&A after the showing with Nikki Clark of SWAN who is currently on trial for direct action against Trident.
Thursday 27th November
– “Get Nukes Off Campus … Out of Britain …. Banned Worldwide”. Two open meetings in Bristol with Rebecca Johnson, Vice-president of CND, University of Bristol Physics graduate & long-time anti-nuclear activist
17.00–18.30 at University of the West of England, Frenchay Campus, Room 3C01
Followed by
19.30–21.00 at University of Bristol Lecture Theatre 2 (LT2) Arts Complex 3-5 Woodland Road BS8 1TE
For more info:
Rebecca Johnson is an expert on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation, with more than 30 years experience of civil society engagement and nonviolent campaigning for peace and justice.
Rebecca lived at the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp for five years (1982-1987) and co-founded the Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp(aign). She is Director of the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy and has recently acted as a consultant for the United Nations, the European Parliament and the Nobel Women’s Initiative and the Interaction Council.

Saturday 6th Dec Monthly Witch Watch camp at Hinkley Point
Women’s monthly camp….Men welcome in daylight hours….more info 07511063152
Keep updated FB page :Witch Watch Full moon gathering at Hinkley Point
Thursday 4th, 11th & 18th December – Advent Vigils at Aldermaston, 12:00-13:00 at Tadley Gate, on the A340. Vigil for justice & peace; this is the time for ‘the elimination of all nuclear arsenals’ (Article V1, the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty.)
Aldermaston AWE is where our nuclear weapons are researched and built, and where they are decommissioned and dismantled. Decommission yes, Replace no!
Bring Candles and pink Scarves; all faiths (and none) welcome; parking opposite.

Email to Euro Commissioners about Hinkley C Subsidy.

SWAN Admin:

Great letter to the European Commission from Theo Simon. What a shame that the commission approved it anyway & they also claim that the UK have modified their proposals so as tor educe the exposure of the taxpayer but I haven’t seen the specific details so how can we possibly tell?

Originally posted on Theo's Blog:

The following is text of an email I sent to EU commissioners who will decide tomorrow Wednesday 8th of October whether to support the uk governments subsidy of EDF’s Hinkley C nuclear power project.  Please feel free to cut and paste the text below and send it as an email (separately) to each of the following commissioners before 8 am tomorrow morning.  They can still be influenced we think!

commissioners email addresses:

Email Text: 

Dear Commissioner,

I read with dismay that the European Commission is on the verge of approving the deal between the UK Government and EDF Energy to subsidise the proposed nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C in Somerset. This could mean that UK electricity consumers are saddled with paying out up to £17.6 billion to EDF Energy and its Chinese partners over the 35 years from 2023, for a…

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Furious greens demand answer from Almunia over state aid examination of Hinkley C

Molly takes Almunia to task!

Molly takes Almunia to task!

Molly Scot-Cato handed a letter today to the European Commissioner Joaquim Almunia holding him to account & asking him some probing quesitnsa bout the apparent EU you-turn on state aid. Molly is furious that the DG competition commission are willing to break their own rules on state aid.

Molly is calling on us to write to Almunia to tell him what we think of the commission backslide amd to ask him to think again…

Meanwhile a range of people in Europe from Academics to renewables officials have threated legal action against the commission for hurrying their examination of the Hinkley deal.

There is nothing democratic about Nuclear!

Trident Nuclear Weapons Base Blockaded in Post Referendum Protest

IMAG0362_1 IMAG0363_1 IMAG0370_1 IMAG0379


This morning, four days after the historic referendum Trident Ploughshares [1] and Faslane Peace Camp [2] have partially blocked the north gate to Faslane Naval Base, homeport of the UK Trident nuclear weapons system, sending a strong message that the overwhelming desire of Scotland to be rid of nuclear weapons must be honoured.


Five activists have locked on to each other while displaying banners that read Scrap Trident and Scotland YES Trident NO. Traffic waiting to enter the base is backing up causing gridlock at the roundabout close to the gate.The action followed a hundred strong protest at the base on Saturday after the referendum delivering the message: YES or NO Trident Has Got to Go.


Brian Quail, a member of SCANA and Trident Ploughshares and one of the blockaders said “We campaigned for a YES vote because an independent Scotland would have thrown out nuclear weapons. But the result of the referendum does not mean that we have to accept the continuing UK policy of relying on these weapons of indiscriminate slaughter.  On the contrary we know that the vast majority of Scots, including those who voted No, reject Westminster ‘s plans to replace Trident, as do a simple majority of people UK wide. And just as the independence referendum has opened up a national debate on constitutional issues it also calls into question the replacement of Trident, a decision that will take place in early 2016, following the next general election.”


Janet Fenton from Trident Ploughshares and Scottish WILPF said “We must now channel the energy of the YES campaign and the clear rejection by 1.6million people of Westminster politics as usual into policy changes. If the parties continue to disregard the will of the people for disarmament of these horrific, useless and expensive weapons there is bound to be a resurgence of vigorous opposition to them, including renewed nonviolent action like ours today. We are here today to send a strong message that we will not rest until we see the end of Trident and the abolition of nuclear weapons.”

The blockaders are Jane Tallents (07778276833), Brian Larkin, Mary Millington, Jean Oliver and Brian Quail.




Contact: Leonna O’Neill   07596902461

Contact for Photos: Douglas David Shaw: 07713 918940

Notes to Editors


[1] Trident Ploughshares campaigns for the disarmament of the UKs nuclear weapons. For further information


[2] Faslane Peace Camp has maintained a continuous protest against Trident nuclear weapons outside the Faslane Naval Base since 1982. For further information see:

Rethink Trident…


With just two days to go until the Scottish Referendum Please sign & share this statement about Trident to assist in putting pressure on the government to fulfil it’s international obligations…


The No to Nato peace camp will be held at Tredegar Park Newport

keep updated

Heysham’s Graphite Core Clapped Out? No Probs..Just Change the Rules!

SWAN Admin:

Great piece Marianne … what will it take for people to grasp the enormity of what is going on we wonder?

Originally posted on Radiation Free Lakeland:

Heysham 1 ?

Heysham 1 ?

Last week the Station Manager of Heysham 1 Ian Stewart, had a Podium piece in the Westmorland Gazette.  The piece was the usual puffed up nonsense we have come to expect of the nuclear industry extolling the “low carbon” credentials and “safety” of the industry and Heysham 1 in particular.   Far from being low carbon, nuclear entrenches fossil fuel dependence.   Independent scientist  Dr Ian Fairlie has pointed out in this weeks Ecologist:

“The most thorough UK examination of nuclear’s potential carbon savings was by the former Sustainable Development Commission in 2006. It concluded  “Nuclear power is not the answer to tackling climate change … “. Surprise: one of the first things the Tory-led coalition Government did when it assumed power in 2010 was to abolish the Sustainable Development Commission”.

Ian Stewart the Heysham Manager is absolutely right when he says that “Low carbon energy is vital…

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anti nuke bloc NATO SUMMIT 30Aug -5th Sept

anti nuke bloc NATO SUMMIT 30Aug -5th Sept


On the 4th and 5th of September, thousands of politicians and business men, including 60
world “leaders”responsible for countless deaths in wars of aggression, will descend on Newport , South Wales, for a summit of NATO, with a media circus and police operation to match….

A variety of groups are calling for action against the summit , which is taking place at the Celtic Manor Hotel.

NATO has more than 5000 nuclear weapons.
This figure includes Britain’s Trident system which alone could incinerate some 45 million people. The planned replacement program will cost the tax payer some £100 billion!

NATO’s conventional weapons increasingly use radioactive materials , manipulated in nuclear power stations… these weapons leave a toxic legacy which will affect the environment for generations and have already caused serious birth defects in Iraq, Former Yugoslavia , Afghanistan.

Join us on the

peace camp to be announced keep informed

Chris Busby: The Cause of Congenital Anomaly and Cancer in Iraq

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Survey says…not what the nuclear industry would like.

SWAN Admin:

and when they don’t like the results of the survey – they just create their own!

Originally posted on GreenWorld:

Americans' thoughts on energy issues are not what the nuclear industry wants to hear. Gallup poll, April 2, 2014

Americans’ thoughts on energy issues are not what the nuclear industry wants to hear. Gallup poll, April 2, 2014

A couple of recent independent polls–from household names like Gallup and Harris–show clearly that nuclear power is at the bottom of the public’s preference for electricity generation; right down there with coal. At the top? Solar and wind power, of course.

The numbers are strong: the Harris poll, released March 20, 2014, finds that Americans believe solar (68%) and wind (57%) are the best energy sources for the environment. At the bottom was nuclear power, at 8%. Asked a different way, the public said coal was the worst source for the environment (53%) with nuclear coming in second-worst at 40%.

The Gallup poll,  released April 2, 2014, though asking different questions, came up with similar preferences. By a margin of 67-32%, Americans support spending more money on developing solar…

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